28-30 September 2016
Tagungstätte Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth
UTC timezone
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Tagungstätte Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth -

Submillimeter wave spectroscopy of HOCO+ and DOCO+


  • Dr. Valerio LATTANZI

Primary authors


Protonated CO$_2$ is a molecule of astrophysical interest because it’s an indirect tracer of carbon dioxide. Being CO$_2$ a main constituent of interstellar ices, its chemistry provides important information on the interplay of gas- and solid-phase chemistry in space.

Bogey and coworkers measured in the late 80s the rotational spectra of HOCO$^+$ and DOCO$^+$ up to 420 GHz (1,2).

We have extended the frequency coverage up to 1 THz, obtaining improved rotational constants and centrifugal distortion constants. The ions were produced in a newly built cryogenic discharge cell in the CAS Laboratories via magnetically enhanced glow discharge of a mixture of CO$_2$, H$_2$(D$_2$) and Argon. Our results on HOCO$^+$ and DOCO$^+$ will be presented, as well as the spectrometer. Future perspectives will also be discussed.


[1] M. Bogey, C. Demuynck, , J. Destombes, J. Chem. Phys. 84, 10, 1986

[2] M. Bogey, C. Demuynck, , J. Destombes, A. Krupnov, J. Mol. Struct. 190, 465-474, 1988