28-30 September 2016
Tagungstätte Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth
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Deep search for hydrogen peroxide - a probe for interstellar water formation on grains


  • Dr. Guido FUCHS
  • Ms. Doris HERBERTH
  • Ms. Johanna CHANTZOS
  • Mr. Daniel WITSCH
  • Prof. Thomas GIESEN

Primary authors



Abstract: (poster presentation) Water is one of the most important and interesting molecules in the universe. It plays a significant role in cooling processes and is elementary for terrestrial life. Water has been found in many star forming regions, but its interstellar formation mechanism is still not fully understood. Nowadays it is believed that water is mainly formed on grain surfaces and that hydrogen peroxide (HOOH) is a main precursor molecule for water. But no definite proof could be brought forward yet. HOOH has only been detected in rho Oph A so far and a tentative observation was made towards OMCA. Both sources are very special and thus the result(s) cannot easily be generalized to typical Young Stellar Object (YSOs). By using a chemical model from Du et al. (2012) together with a physical shell-model of pre- and protostellar objects we tried to identify possible sources of HOOH. APEX observations towards star forming regions (e.g. L1551 and the prestellar core L1544) will be presented as well as a re-analysis of the previous HOOH detections will be given.