28-30 September 2016
Tagungstätte Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth
UTC timezone
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Contribution Invited Talk


Ice Experiments in Leiden


  • Prof. Harold LINNARTZ

Primary authors


This talk reviews recent experiments performed on interstellar ices as obtained in the Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics (www.laboratory-astrophysics.eu). The five setups presently operational focus on IR and UV/VIS spectroscopic or mass spectrometric studies of interstellar ices, with the aim either to characterize ice morphologies (composition and geometry) for preset conditions or to visualize the chemical processes that take place upon vacuum UV irradiation or bombardments by H/D, N, and O-atoms. A few selected examples i) show how ice spectroscopy can provide information on solid state chemical networks in interstellar ices, ii) will discuss the processes and difficulties in interpreting vacuum UV induced photodesorption rates, iii) will summarize how we believe water is formed in the solid state and iv) will speculate on the role interstellar ices play in the role of COM formation and how this links to the many studies that are currently performed in the laboratory.

Recent references:

  • Atom addition reactions in interstellar ices; H. Linnartz, G. Fedoseev, S. Ioppolo, Int. Rev. Phys. Chem. 34 (2015) 205

  • Simultaneous hydrogenation and UV-photolysis experiments of NO in CO-rich interstellar ice analogues; linking HNCO, OCN−, NH2CHO, and NH2OH; G. Fedoseev, K.-J. Chuang, E. F. van Dishoeck, S. Ioppolo, H. Linnartz, MNRAS, 460 (2016) 42

  • H-atom addition and abstraction reactions in mixed CO, H2CO and CH3OH ices; An extended view on complex organic molecule formation; K.-J. Chuang, G. Fedoseev, S. Ioppolo, E.F. van Dishoeck, H. Linnartz, MNRAS, 455 (2016) 1702

  • A novel approach to measure photodesorption rates of interstellar ice analogues; the photodesorption rate of CO ice reinvestigated; D.M. Paardekooper, G. Fedoseev, A. Riedo, H. Linnartz, A&A, in press.