28-30 September 2016
Tagungstätte Schloss Ringberg, Kreuth
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High-resolution spectroscopy on the hyperfine structure of small metal bearing molecules


  • Mr. Björn WAßMUTH
  • Mr. Alexander BREIER

Primary authors



An advanced method of producing metal-containing small molecules in the gas phase is based on laser ablation technique. The vaporized gas phase products can be investigated by means of millimeter-submillimeter-wave spectroscopy or by using high-resolution spectrometers in the visible frequency range. The experimental investigation is guided by high-level quantum chemical calculations performed at Mainz. These experimental methods have been applied to measure AlO and AlS produced by laser ablation of solid aluminum and a dilution of nitrous oxide $N_{2}O~(2\%)$ or hydrogen sulfide $H_{2}S~(7\%)$ in helium. The adiabatically expanding gas mixture is probed by monochromatic radiation in the frequency range up to 400 GHz. Measurements reveal the hyperfine structure of both linear molecules to follow Hund's case b$_{\beta S}$ coupling due to the nuclear spin of aluminum. With the present measurements new highly accurate line positions for future observations and more accurate molecular parameters are available.