4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Hans Harnack Haus -

Complex organic molecules in Class 0 protostars from the CALYPSO IRAM-PdBI survey


  • Dr. Arnaud BELLOCHE

Primary authors


An increasing number of complex organic molecules have been found in the interstellar medium, in particular in regions where new stars are being formed. While a few of these molecules have recently even been traced back to the prestellar phase in low-mass-star forming regions, the bulk of their emission in the gas phase is detected during the early accretion phase, when the newly-born protostar starts to heat up its envelope, leading to the sublimation of the icy mantles of dust grains. Understanding the chemical processes that lead to the early formation of these complex organic molecules should shed light on the formation of our own solar system, since even more complex molecules have been found in meteorites and comets and may have played a role in the emergence of life on Earth. As part of the CALYPSO -- Continuum And Lines in Young ProtoStellar Objects -- survey with the Plateau de Bure interferometer (http://irfu.cea.fr/Projets/Calypso), we have obtained sensitive, high-angular-resolution (0.4'') spectral maps of a large sample of 17 young, low-mass (Class 0) protostars. The survey covers a wide variety of molecular transitions. I will present a census of the complex organic molecules detected in the full CALYPSO sample. The statistical analysis of such a large sample of protostars should help us better understand the formation mechanisms of these molecules and the conditions for the emergence of chemical complexity in the interstellar medium.