4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Hans Harnack Haus -

Unveiling a Network of Parallel Filaments in the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506


  • Dr. Gemma BUSQUET

Primary authors



Filaments are ubiquitous structures in star-forming complexes, which often intersect in high-density regions associated with star formation, know as hub-filament systems. Despite filaments having been recognized more than 30 years ago, the ubiquity of such structures in star-forming regions, which has been recently highlighted by Herschel programs, has brought special attention to their formation mechanism and their role in the star formation process. What is/are the physical agent(s) responsible of shaping the interstellar material into filamentary structures? How do they evolve? How filamentary structures fragment to form dense cores, and hence form stars? With the aim of investigating the origin and evolution of filamentary structures and their subsequent fragmentation we started an observational project with different telescopes towards the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506, performing a multi-wavelength and multi-scales study of the cloud. I will present spectroscopic results of the dense gas (e.g. NH$_3$) material of the cloud, which unveil a network of filaments, constituting two hub-filament systems identified using combined interferometric (VLA) and single-dish (Effelsberg) observations (see Figure). This large network of filaments seems to be separated into two main velocity components, separated by 3 km/s, which overlap in the hubs. The two hubs contain the main sites of star formation activity in the cloud, and present a different level of fragmentation, likely due to strong magnetic fields or UV radiation. I will show the main physical/chemical properties of these filaments obtained from a 3mm line survey with the IRAM 30m telescope, and discuss the possible origin of such structures and its relation with the magnetic field.