4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Poster session

AKARI Observation for Eight Dense Molecular Cores; Coreshine and External Heating Effect


  • Mr. Gwanjeong KIM

Primary authors

  • Mr. Gwanjeong KIM (University of Science and Technology, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)



We present results of infrared observations toward eight dense molecular cores with the AKARI space telescope at 3-160 μm. These cores were previously known to be starless, and show characteristic features in their molecular lines such as a broad line width and/or asymmetric line shapes indicative of internal motions. With other published infrared data and our single dish radio observations in N2H+ and HCN 1-0 lines, two of eight cores seem to harbor at least 10 new protostars having a bolometric luminosity of 0.3−4.4 L⊙, and seem to force the environment of the cores more turbulent than other starless cores. On the other hand, others are found to be starless and may be at the moment of changing their dynamically stable to unstable status. Their temperature map and HCN line profile map show that all these cores may be externally affected by nearby stars or Galactic interstellar radiation fields and begin to expand or oscillate which may lead to trigger the inward motions in the cores for resulting in eventual star formation. The 3-11 μm images also show that five dense cores have the core-shine effects which may indicate the existence of μm-sized dust grains made by the continuous growth processes.