4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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The close environment of the almost massive young star AFGL490


  • Dr. Claudia MARKA

Primary authors



While detailed studies of protoplanetary disk structure around low-mass stars are state of the art, few spatially resolved observations exist for high-mass objects, but come into reach with the recent advances in sub-/mm interferometers.

AFGL490 is an example of an YSO at the border between intermediate and high mass with a circumstellar disk previously resolved in $\mathrm{C^{17}O}$. We present results which hint at a different disk extent in $\mathrm{C^{34}S}$ compared to $\mathrm{C^{17}O}$, and possible signs of infall both in the circumstellar disk region and at larger distance likely representing the interaction region between outer envelope and outflow walls. AFGL490 therefore appears a valuable target for an investigation of the interaction of envelope infall, outflow and cirumstellar disk in the transition region between intermediate and high-mass stars.