4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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The gas disk around DM Tau


  • Uma GORTI

Primary authors

  • Uma GORTI (SETI Institute/NASA Ames Research Center)



We present thermochemical models of the density and temperature struture of the disk around the transition object, DM Tau. DM Tau is an accreting, low mass T Tauri star with a relatively low X-ray luminosity, the disk is inferred to have an inner $\sim 3-15$AU dust hole and a large radial extent($\sim$ 800 AU). The DM Tau disk is believed to be at a late stage of evolution, perhaps with ongoing planet formation. We have compiled gas emission line observations from literature, ranging from optical to sub-millimeter wavelengths, and modeled the line emission to infer the physical and chemical conditions in the disk.