4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Contribution Review talk

Hans Harnack Haus -

Chemical evolution along the journey from protostar to protoplanetary disk


  • Dr. Catherine WALSH

Primary authors


I will review recent advances in observations, models, and the laboratory, which have shed new light on the chemical evolution as a protostar evolves to form the protoplanetary disk. ALMA 'Early Science' observations have allowed an unprecedented view of the molecular gas in protostars and disks on size scales approaching those of the inner Solar System (< 50 AU). In conjunction, 'hot off the press' results from the Rosetta mission have thrown open the doors regarding the origin of molecular material in disks, and its subsequent accumulation into planetesimals. Furthermore, laboratory efforts on the quantification of chemical processes thought to be important for building chemical complexity, are providing vital clues on the origin of complex organic molecules across the spectrum of astrophysical sources in which they are detected. It is truly an exciting era for astrochemistry. I will finish by discussing how these cutting-edge observations and laboratory data are providing a stimulating challenge for modellers.