4-8 October 2015
Hans Harnack Haus
Europe/Berlin timezone





[R=review (20+5 min); I=Invited (20+5 min); C=contributed (10+5 min)]


Sunday October 4th 2015: RECEPTION DESK from 18:00 onward



Monday October 5th 2015: FROM CLOUDS TO DENSE CORES

08:45-08:55 WELCOME

MORNING SESSION [molecular clouds, filaments, dense cores: physical and chemical structure/evolution] - Chair: LEONARDO TESTI


09:00-09:25 Yancy Shirley: [R] Astrochemical probes from clouds to dense cores

09:25-09:50 Izaskun Jiménez-Serra: [I] The physical and chemical structure of Infrared-Dark Clouds

09:50-10:05 Gemma Busquet: [C] Unveiling a network of parallel filaments in the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506

10:05-10:20 Jonathan Tan: [C] Environment and protostellar evolution


10:20-11:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

11:20-11:45 Charlotte Vastel: [I] New insights on prestellar cores: deeper and stronger

11:45-12:00 Maryvonne Gerin: [C] The dense core Barnard 1b, a laboratory for star formation studies

12:00-12:15 Melanie Köhler: [C] Dust growth towards disks: self-consistent modelling of dust evolution due to accretion and coagulation

12:15-12:30 Alexei Ivlev: [C] Impulsive spot heating and thermal explosion of interstellar grains revisited

12:30-12:45 Daniel Seifried: [C] Modelling the detailed chemical evolution in 3-dimensional, simulations of star forming filaments

12:45-14:00 LUNCH / Poster viewing / Discussion

AFTERNOON SESSION [molecular cloud chemistry; laboratory experiments I. Ions, radicals] - Chair: CECILIA CECCARELLI

14:00-14:25 Valentine Wakelam: [R] From clouds to dense cores

14:25-14:50 Sandra Brünken: [I] High-resolution action spectroscopy of cold molecular ions

14:50-15:05 Olli Sipilä: [C] Spin-state chemistry of deuterated ammonia

15:05-15:20 Shuo Kong: [C] The deuteration clock for massive starless cores

15:20-16:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

16:20-16:45 Nadia Balucani: [I] Gas-phase formation routes of complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium

16:45-17:00 Yasuhiro Oba: [C] Deuteration of interstellar glycine on low-temperature surfaces: A possible route to the formation of chiral molecules in dense molecular clouds

17:00-17:15 Konstantinos Tassis: [C] Star formation through the chemical lens: distortions induced and how to avoid them

17:15-17:30 Katharina Immer: [C] Chemical diversity in the star-forming complex W33

17:30-17:45 Thomas Peters: [C] Molecular cloud formation and dust particle evolution in SILCC simulations

17:45-18:30 Poster Viewing / APERITIF

18:30-19:00 APERITIF TALK - Leonardo Testi: Updates on ALMA



Tuesday October 6th 2015: FROM DENSE CORES TO PROTOSTARS

MORNING SESSION [formation of accretion disks, self-gravitating disks, Class 0 sources, outflows, hot cores/corinos] - Chair: EWINE VAN DISHOECK

09:00-09:25 Jes Jørgensen: [R] Tracing the chemical evolution of deeply embedded protostars: the ALMA view

09:25-09:50 Ana Lopez-Sepulcre: [I] Understanding the formation of formamide (NH2CHO), a key precursor of prebiotic chemistry

09:50-10:05 Claudio Codella: [C] Astrochemistry at work in pristine protostellar jet-disk systems

10:05-10:20 Arnaud Belloche: [C] Complex organic molecules in Class 0 protostars from the CALYPSO IRAM-PdBI survey

10:20-11:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

11:20-11:45 John Tobin: [I] The VLA Nascent Disk And Multiplicity (VANDAM) survey of Perseus

11:45-12:00 Linda Podio: [C] Sulfur chemistry in Class 0 disks and jets with ALMA

12:00-12:15 Amelia Stutz: [C] Envelope infall in the youngest protostars

12:15-12:30 Matthijs van der Wiel: [C] First results from an unbiased ALMA spectral survey of IRAS16293

12:30-12:45 Francesco Fontani: [C] Hydrogen and Nitrogen isotope fractionation in high-mass star forming regions

12:45-14:00 LUNCH / Poster viewing / Discussions

AFTERNOON SESSION [hot-core chemistry; laboratory experiments II. Complex organics, PAHs] - Chair: KARIN ÖBERG

14:00-14:25 Naoki Watanabe: [R] Deuterium chemistry and nuclear spin conversion on grain surfaces: implication to deuterium enrichment

14:25-14:50 Robin Garrod: [I] Chemistry in hot cores: modeling new molecules

14:50-15:05 Vianney Taquet: [C] Formation and recondensation of complex organics during protostellar luminosity outbursts

15:05-15:20 Tetsuya Hama: [C] Low-temperature hydrogenation and deuteration of solid aromatic hydrocarbon by tunneling

15:20-16:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

16:20-16:45 Sergio Ioppolo: [I] Laboratory studies of molecular dynamics at the gas-solid interface

16:45-17:00 Stephanie Cazaux: [C] The hydrogenation of PAH cations: A journey guided by stability and magic numbers

17:00-17:15 Marco Padovani: [C] In-situ particle (re-)acceleration and induced ionisation in protostars

17:15-17:30 Victor Manuel Rivilla: [C] Understanding the formation of astrobiological molecules in star-forming regions

17:30-17:45 Amanda Steber: [C] Chirped pulse techniques applied to astrochemistry and the search for PAHs

17:45-18:30 Poster Viewing / APERITIF

18:30-19:00 APERITIF TALK - Hans Zinnecker: SOFIA and IR Astrophysics




MORNING SESSION [Class I sources, Class II sources, disks around Herbig Ae stars,

disks around Brown Dwarfs] - Chair: DIMA SEMENOV

09:00-09:25 Ted Bergin: [R] The Physics and Chemistry of Gas Rich Disks from Young to Old

09:25-09:50 Til Birnstiel: [I] Evolution of Solids - The Missing Link

09:50-10:05 Anna Miotello: [C] Disk mass determination through CO isotopologues

10:05-10:20 Nagayoshi Ohashi: [C] Compact SO Emission around Protostars: A Possible Ring due to Accretion Shocks?

10:20-11:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion


11:20-11:45 Charlie Qi: [I] Chemical imaging of the CO snow line in protoplanetary disks

11:45-12:00 Cecile Favre: [C] DCO+: tracer of X-ray ionization in the inner warm disk surface

12:00-12:15 Maite Beltran: [C] Accretion disks in young high-mass stars

12:15-12:30 Maria Drozdovskaya: [C] Complex Organic Nests of Low-Mass Protostars

12:30-12:45 Jose Cernicharo: [C] Molecular complexity in the Orion Molecular Cloud: from laboratory spectroscopy to new molecules

12:45-14:00 LUNCH / Poster Viewing / Discussion

AFTERNOON SESSION [protoplanetary disk chemistry; laboratory experiments III. Surface chemistry and dust evolution] - Chair: ANNE DUTREY

14:00-14:25 Catherine Walsh: [R] Chemical evolution along the journey from protostar to protoplanetary disk

14:25-14:50 Francois Dulieu: [I] Non-energetic processes at the surface of dust grains

14:50-15:05 Karin Öberg: [C] Deuterium and 15-N fractionation in protoplanetary disks

15:05-15:20 Melissa McClure: [C] T Tauri disk gas masses measured from hydrogen deuteride

15:20-16:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

16:20-16:45 Cornelia Jäger: [I] The characteristic of dust in molecular clouds

16:45-17:00 Herma Cuppen: [C] The role of fundamental surface processes on astrochemistry: a computational chemistry perspective

17:00-17:15 Peter Woitke: [C] Impact of dust opacities and disk shape on the physio-chemical state of protoplanetary disks

17:15-17:30 Susanne Wampfler: [C] Tracing the evolution of the nitrogen isotopic composition around protostars

17:30-17:45 Kamber Schwarz: [C] Resolved High-J 13CO Emission as a Sensitive Probe of Disk Structure and Chemistry

17:45-18:30 Poster Viewing / APERITIF

18:30-19:00 APERITIF TALK - Ewine van Dishoeck: Commemorating Alex Dalgarno




MORNING SESSION [transition disks, debris disks] - Chair: KEES DULLEMOND

09:00-09:25 Anders Johansen: [R] The role of ice lines in planet formation

09:25-09:50 Carsten Dominik: [I] Constrains on structure and composition of the inner regions of transitional Herbig Ae star disks

09:50-10:05 Asunción Fuente: [C] Chemical footprint of a nascent planet

10:05-10:20 Nicole Pawellek: [C] How small are the smallest dust grains in debris discs and why?

10:20-11:20 COFFEE BREAK / Poster Viewing / Discussion

11:20-11:45 Mark Wyatt: [I] Origin, evolution and frequency of gas in debris disks

11:45-12:00 Christian Schüppler: [C] Collisional modelling of the AU Mic debris disc

12:00-12:15 Bertram Bitsch: [C] Planet formation in evolving protoplanetary discs

12:15-12:30 Ralph Pudritz: [C] Connecting the composition of exoplanets and their atmospheres with protostellar disk chemistry

12:30-14:00 LUNCH / Poster Viewing / Discussion


AFTERNOON SESSION [comets, meteorites, asteroids and links to Solar System formation] - Chair: TED BERGIN

14:00-14:25 Dominique Bockelée-Morvan: [R] Complex molecules in comets

14:25-14:50 Lena Le Roy: [I] The volatile inventory of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Rosetta/ROSINA

14:50-15:05 Ilsedore Cleeves: [C] Revealing the Ancient Heritage of Solar System Ices

15:05-15:30 Oliver Mousis: [I] Outer solar system formation: first lessons learnt from Rosetta/ROSINA

15:30-15:45 Cecilia Ceccarelli: [C] The cosmic heritage: message from the short lived radionuclide 10Be

15:45-16:15 COFFEE BREAK


16:15-16:45 Paola Caselli: Conference summary and open questions


17:00-17:30 APERITIF

17:30-18:00 APERITIF TALK - Christiane Helling: Exoplanet Atmospheres



List of Posters


ÁBRAHÁM, Péter A complete homogeneous CO survey of northern FU Ori-type objects

AKIMKIN, Vitaly Coagulation of charged dust in protoplanetary disks

ALVES, Felipe Dust properties and gas dynamics in a magnetized prestellar core

ANDREE-LABSCH, Silke Introducing the KOSMA-τ 3D PDR code: Simulations of the Orion Bar

BACHILLER, Rafael The astrochemical evolution from interstellar clouds to young stellar objects

BILALBEGOVIC, Goranka Sulphur-bearing species in molecular clouds

BJERKELI, Per A young bipolar outflow from IRAS15398-3359

CHACON-TANARRO, Ana Observational studies of pre-stellar cores and dust evolution just before star formation

CHOUDHURY, Rumpa Astrochemistry as a probe of initial conditions of high-mass pre-stellar clumps

DE SOUZA MAGALHÃES, Victor; Dr. HILY-BLANT, Pierre Constraining the fractionation process in ices towards IRAS 3283 using NH2D nitrogen isotopologues

ETIM, Emmanuel Interstellar Formation Processes: Is Thermodynamics the Key?

FEDELE, Davide Water Vapor Reservoirs In Herbig AeBe disks

FENG, Siyi Are the Infrared Dark Clouds Really Quiescent?

FORBRICH, Jan Smoke in the Pipe Nebula: dust emission and grain growth in starless cores

GACHES, Brandt The Impact of Stellar Feedback on Astrochemistry

GORTI, Uma The gas disk around DM Tau

HINCELIN, Ugo Chemical and physical characterization of collapsing low-mass prestellar dense cores

IMMER, Katharina Chemical diversity in the star-forming complex W33

KETO, Eric The dynamics of disk formation

KÓSPÁL, Ágnes ALMA observations of the FU Orionis-type young eruptive star V346 Nor

LAAS, Jacob On the sulfur depletion: a more complete gas/grain astrochemical model

LEFÈVRE, Charlène Dust properties from scattering

MARCELINO, Nuria A 3mm line survey of Barnard 1b: looking into the chemical content of a protostellar system

MARKA, Claudia The close environment of the almost massive young star AFGL490

PAGANI, Laurent IRAS16293E revisited : a prestellar core under influence.

PERSSON, Magnus The kinematics of water in a deeply-embedded low-mass protostar on solar system scales

PINEDA, Jaime On the fragmentation of filaments and the origin of wide separation multiples

PUNANOVA, Anna Deuterium Fractionation in the Taurus Molecular Cloud

RIAZ, Basmah HH 1158: The lowest luminosity externally irradiated Herbig-Haro jet

ROMÁN-ZÚÑIGA, Carlos Evolution of Young Star Clusters in Diverse Environments

SANCHEZ-MONGE, Alvaro Mass accretion flows in the high-mass star forming complex NGC6334

SEO, Youngmin L1495-B218 Filaments in Taurus seen in NH3 and CCS

SKOUTERIS, Dimitrios Formamide formation routes in the interstellar medium from electronic structure and kinetics calculations

SOKOLOV, Vlas Deuterium fractionation of IRDC cores

SPEZZANO, Silvia The deuteration of linear and cyclic C3H2

STÉPHAN, Gwendoline Chemical modeling of high-mass star forming regions.

TAPIA, Mauricio Star formation in Car I, a large PDR illuminated by the massive cluster Trumpler 14

TAZZARI, Marco A multi-wavelength analysis for interferometric (sub-)mm observations of protoplanetary disks: radial constraints on the dust properties and the disk structure

TRITSIS, Aris Chemistry as a diagnostic of prestellar core geometry

VASYUNIN, Anton Formation of Complex Organic Molecules in Prestellar Cores: An Extended Model

ZHAO, Bo Effect of Cosmic-Ray Ionization and Dust Grain on Protostellar Disk Formation from Magnetized Core